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The 2022 Moon phases, January

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Our first New Moon of 2022 finds the Sun and Moon conjunct at
12o Capricorn, more or less within the territory of the ongoing
Venus retrograde period. Essentially, there is a sprawling Stelling
between 12o - 25o Capricorn which contains the Sun, Moon, Venus
and Pluto. Thus, this Sun-Moon cycle must contain elements of the
Venus-Pluto period in which we find 2022 opening. Also, of note is
the Sun-Moon trine to Uranus at 10o Taurus, squaring Saturn as
it’s been doing all year.
Below is the New Moon chart set for UK as that’s

where most of you will be reading this from or Ireland

If In Ireland take 2 mins off the given times in the article












New Moon

January 2, 2022 @ 6:28 pm

The layout of the above measurements suggest a “bringing it
home” quality in that the Capricorn-Taurus earth will always
motivate us to ground, centre and make real whatever is coming
forward for us at this time. It is likely that what is coming forward
may appear unpleasant or even unwanted for some of us. After all,
the Venus retrograde will require a reevaluation of our priorities,
particularly since it has been relating with Pluto, the planet of our
subconscious needs.

Some of our needs reside in the unconscious, usually as a result of
our psyche, not wanting to confront them directly. We perhaps
become remiss to acknowledge them therefore, often due to
some fear of actually seeing ourselves authentically.

Consider: What has been arising for me throughout the recent past?

First Quarter Square
January 9, 2022 @ 6:20pm

To answer this question may require some momentum to build
within this Sun-Moon cycle. So we can look to the First Quarter
Square, which shows a Sun-Venus Inferior Conjunction in Capricorn
squaring the Moon in Aries at 19o of their respective signs. With
Pluto still in tow, we can see echoes of the Uranus trine mentioned
earlier with the Aries Moon (which, by the way, trines Mars in
Sagittarius, also at 19a). These echoes are challenging our personal
identity to break free from our established sense of self, perhaps
decorum itself is up for grabs as we decide whether to face
our authentic priorities, which have been shaken loose for us to see.
Who we are – and what we value – need not be defined by others;
but through our own integrity and authentic exploration of our true
natures, these can become clarified for us.

Consider: When my old ways are no longer sustainable, when they no
longer fulfil and comfort me, where do I turn; what do I do?

Full Moon

January 17, 2022 @ 9:38 pm

We are in a cardinal Sun-Moon cycle, so taking action will likely feel
appropriate. Let us bear in mind that this cycle fulfils itself across
an earth-water axis when the Full Moon culminates at 27o
Capricorn-Cancer. Now the Sun has transited Pluto which is
forthright in this aspect of illumination (some call it an opposition,
but it is so only geometrically). What is conspicuous about this
chart is the Moon appears as a singleton of sorts, standing alone
against the Sun-Pluto conjunction. Is this Cancer sensitivity
becoming dominated by Capricorn pragmatism? Are we retreating
back into our shells of conditioning due to the unrelenting
forcefulness of others’ expectations of us?
I believe the best expression of the Capricorn-Cancer axis is when
the stalwart Capricorn is focused on building something real that
can contain and protect the sensitive, heart-imbued ideals of
Cancer. The image is of a strong father dedicated to protecting his
little ones. It is not that children are inferior to adults. In fact, it’s
quite the opposite. After all, our future is found in our progeny.
However, there is a fragility apparent in this Full Moon, and
protective measures must be taken to secure whatever newly
found independence we are developing.
Consider: How can I stand against the expectations of others with a
spirit of love and sensitivity?
















Third Quarter Square
January 25, 2022 @ 1:32pm

There may be some reprieve from the nuclear forces running
through this cycle when we arrive at the Third Quarter Square.
With the Sun having moved into Aquarius, some impartiality is
more readily available to us. It's square to the Moon in Scorpio
(occurring at 5o) suggests the need to use this macroscopic vision
to peer within anew, in order that we may integrate and reconcile
whatever has occurred during the Full Moon.
We should take note that the Moon opposes the Taurus Uranus, so
we are effectively looking at a T-Square between the Sun, Moon
and Uranus, all in fixed signs. Stubbornness can give way to
revelation if we’re willing to engage our minds during this time,
letting the heart ebb and flow, without it taking control of us and
throwing off any stability we still have.
This is not a rebuke of the intuitive, but a call for coexistence
between it and our mental perspective. I am reminded of the word
“levity” which can allow our hearts to ache while our spirits laugh.
These contradictions need not tear us apart, but rather serve to
build us up towards a higher level of being.

Consider: Where can I find laughter and love? How can my uniqueness

be of service to others?

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