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Readings The Facts 

I have indeed had many Years at developing my inner spiritual self and psychic abilities some people believe in many forms of divination, but my method simply comes from you

At times, I may add other elements into the reading like tarot - shaman cards - Rune stones to get a clear and decisive direct path or answer to the most pressing of issues that you may face but in truth I have found over the years that this need for the guidance comes from within me, so I only use the above card or rune methods when I absolutely feel there is a need

Within the consultation, I am indeed guided by spirits, especially if the client has come to me in search of answers about a person who has indeed passed over.
Within our time together we will foremost look at the areas of need the areas that you have a wish to know more about, and then we will look at possible outcomes and look at where you are perhaps heading in life.
One thing is for sure I am only here as a guide to help you as a person on your way into a better future, ultimately any paths - decisions that may be discussed within your consultation I believe that you have a choice whether to take that road when it appears or not. We all hold our own keys within us, I am only here to see it and help the decisions be clearer

In the consultation people who have been attached to you spiritually or physically may come, but this is also just a foundation to guide you further and to set you on course to new beginnings and ultimately a confident rewarding emotional happy path, but I must stress it has also been known for some to have benefited in areas of grief

Over the years people have come to me for all sorts of reasons whether it is guidance spiritually about others passed to look at problems that are pressing you right here and now and to look at outcomes

After each meeting people have commented how positive and confident they feel and reassured about their journey, so please check out some of my reviews

So if this is something that you feel you need right now and are over the age of 18 please feel free to book an appointment with me


Paolo also takes pride in his Astrology work and has studied Astrology in both Greece and India, he offers various Astrology forecasts.



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Helping Hands

Healings  & Mindfulness

There are indeed many forms of healing on offer, alternatively, in our world today.

I work spiritually between the client and myself or indeed the animal and myself I work through spiritual light and if the healing is absent for example in another area globally, I direct that energy towards the person in question or animal in question

Do not be mistaken Healing is not just about when you are feeling unwell or indeed are suffering from health issues, It can be indeed used for a number of reasons, for cleansing and clearing, for positive focus, to alleviate the feelings of lowness and depression, for trashing your thought and pain from an emotional breakup. It can deal with anxiety and many areas that lead us on to failure in things.
You see I believe also that we can all heal ourselves too with the right advice and looking deep within ourselves and perhaps using the very tool that is free to us. NATURE.

All my healing is offered at a very low cost that Paolo donates to Charity again please go to Online Psychics Live

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