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 Welcome Warriors and Dreamer People

A big hello to all life warriors and spirit animal believers Everything you need to know about me and what I do is right here, whether it's a reading, Healing, or inspiration, 

it is going to be here for you
These pages have been carefully put together by Paolo himself  

for your enjoyment and will be updated regularly 


The inspiration for my web pages came from me, myself and also from the music of Aurora Aksnes 


About Paolo


A Special Hello From Paolo

Paolo lives and works based on the fjords of Norway. Paolo discovered his ability to heal and also feel and see things at the young age of 9
Paolo was born in England to Italian & English parents
Paolo is first and for most a psychic and Astrologer but also is a light worker and has combined Reiki into his healing skills he has had much success in both areas, Paolo in later years became a mindfulness teacher and added another string to his bow for helping people on their life path
Take a look at the review page to see what others think of him.
Paolo is dedicated to his work in helping others not only as a light worker but has given a lot of his earnings from his work to certain charities and supports Nature, the wolves and wildlife
Paolo lives in a remote part of Norway and is happy with his animals, living close to the nature and sea.
So Paolo Welcomes you to The Dreamers Hub
And hopes you will follow and support him on Facebook & YouTube 

Love and light and many blessings



Find your dreams and set them  free
Norse Sky By Paolo

"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius Antonius Augustus

We at the Dreamers Hub

Are pro LGBT and all living things 

Whether Animal or Mankind 

So if you are racist or homophobic

You are not welcome here

Our advice 


Gay Pride Celebrations

Paolo Psychic & Healer 

Post Box 253

5303 Os

Norway Norge

Tel +4745477140

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